Origin of magic

The origin of magic is often of great debate and curiosity. It is not known exactly
when it came about, who (or what) first used it, and whether or not it existed when
humanity first came into existence, or if it has been here since the Earth came into
existence. Most modern lore masters will tell you a tale of magic’s first use, if you pay
them a handsome fee. They will tell you that magic, like fire, was discovered many years
ago before man knew he was different from the animals and plants around him. Of
course, this is just superstition and long (very long indeed) fables. The fact of the matter
is that magic, at least what modern users of know of magic, has a much deeper history.

“Magic”, as it is called by modern users, is not really at all what it has been
portrayed. Indeed, muggles gave “magic” its name due to the fact that it was a force or
power that they could not harness and seemed impossible to use or to even exist. The
term stuck with wizards though. “Magic” refers to a force or power that makes
something happen out of nowhere. This is as far from the truth as possible in many
aspects. Magic has a very traceable and factual existence, and it is continually being
researched by modern wizard scholars.
Magic, in its simplest form, is a force or power that an organism can use in his or
her (or its) world around them. Magic has been in existence since the formation of the
universe and it permeates everything in its path. Magic is a type of energy which has the
ability to manipulate matter, space, and time. Power is not typically an asset in magic,
such as a casters ability to wield magic. A caster can have a great power in using magic,
but a person who has a lesser power of magic is quite capable of achieving the same
results as a person who has greater magical prowess.

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