History of magic school Indonesia

Although magic have popular in Indonesia since year 1950-an, but [there] no magician of Indonesia which [his/its] name [is] uppermost. Most of them [is] only magician for the anniversary event. At that moment name of Harry Houdini have time to be heard until the fatherland. Later;Then in the year 1990-an, David Copperfield, magician of American origin [is] lah predominating world with show magic which amazing. He also have time to come to Indonesia several times & performing show.

After that's, a lot of popping out magician of Indonesia which start plunged professionally. Among other things [is]: Deddy Corbuzier, Adri Manan, Double [of] Montero etc. [Is] later;then caught up with new generation like Damian Aditya,Alford, Oge, etc.

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