How Magic Works

As described earlier, magic is a force that effects matter at a molecular, special, and temporal level. “Wild” magic is neutral in the universe. There are occasions where magic is built up in one spot long enough to cause a change in its natural state. These occasions are localized though, and extremely rare. Magic is only affected, therefore controlled, by biological compounds. For example, a rock cannot manipulate magic but an organism can magically manipulate a rock.

The first use of magic was extremely primitive. At first it must have been feared
but, like fire, it was eventually found to be advantageous. There are even theories that
man’s discovery of fire was a direct result of magic. Magic is an extremely complicated
force to use, if not to understand. The more advanced the magic is, the more
consideration and concentration it takes to wield or to see results. Specifically, magic
against magic is a complicated matter in terms of power, concentration, and results.
Since magic is only interchangeable in organic matter, it is most complex when used
against other organic matter. For example, it is much easier to transform a rock into
metal that it is to transform a lizard into a tree.

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